February 2016 Trivia

​​What does the following athletes have in common;​

Walter Payton, Kareem Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Chandler Parsons and Stephen Curry?​

(a)They all have a college degree.

Carlos Cooper, founder at Under Construction, Fort Worth, Tx 7618
        Vince Carter


Voted the most hated baller 2014. YOU GOTTA LOVE HIM.
Mark Simon; Murrah High School, Millsaps College Basketball. Attorney at Law.
Below are some photos of Athletes with Degrees linked to their foundations/business. Get your Degree and join them
                           George White
March 2016 Trivia

Which university did Ndamukong Suh attend and what degree did he receive?

(a) He attended Nebraska and earned an engineering degree.

Jeff Wilson, President & Managing Partner at Trinity Capital, Jackson, Ms​

    Clark Kellogg Speaks 
      Click photo to read article​​
    Al "Mr. Magic" Smith​
         Greg Connor
                   Denzel Washington